“We are a creative boutique”

We are those, who believe in the power of creative ideas and great design


CreatFX Studio is one of the most creative digital studios producing ground breaking animation, visual effects and design.

From our humble beginnings as a 2 person enterprise to one of the world’s most prolific digital studios, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some revolutionary directors and producers to create some spectacular and memorable images and stories on our journey.

After our early success with leading advertising agencies and television commercial directors, we made the leap into feature films, getting a start on films such as Tera Intezaar. Since then, we’ve continued to attract audiences with our visual effects and animated feature. It’s safe to say we’re pretty good at animating just about anything now.

CreatFX Studio’s VFX division incorporates the wealth of talent and creativity that is abundant in our studio. With a deep talent pool and monumental technical expertise, the future is bright, and we’re excited.

Meet Our Members

hari pandit

Hari Pandit


Being a VFX & CG Supervisor with 12 years of experience, me and my team has worked…

anamika pandit

Anamika Pandit


It’s been 10 years that i have been associated with  Web Designing on both HTML &…

Our skills

CREATFX is all about creative minds churning out state of the art visual imagery for Feature films, TVCs 3D animation and avant-garde visual effects for live action and hybrid films, short form media, special venue attractions and Live streaming.

Why Choose Us?

Creativity is the foundation of CreatFx Studio and flow 24/7 in each team member’s mind, we believe in the uniqueness of each project & emphasise on even the smallest details to deliver the satisfaction to our clients along with their projects.

Our team comprises of highly qualified, talented & passionate people. So, every member has sense of responsibility towards their respective projects

Our Featured Services

Visual Effects / CGI

CreatFX Studio can create a limitless range of effects including rain, snow, smoke, fire, debris, wind, water or waves – to name only a few. Because, our VFX / CGI artists have the skills and multiple tools to create visual elements limited only to one’s imagination, often achieving what seems impossible.

Motion Graphics

CreatFX Studio’s known realisations is more free and mind blowing motion design team that keeps surprising with its inventiveness and creativeness. Covering a large range of needs for your film, commercial and television productions, we explore and conceptual any ideas you have. With the use of many different software’s, we develop designs that will fit the mood you are aiming for. So tell us what you want to.

3D Animation

CreatFX Studio has created a pipeline around a team of senior CGI artists, which has allowed us to master every phase of 3D animation, including modelling, look development, shading, lighting and animation for any given object, vehicle, crowd or character. We can create anything the imagination envisions.