2D & 3D Animation

Animation is a technique where figures are controlled to show up as moving pictures. In conventional movement, pictures are drawn or painted by hand on straightforward celluloid sheets to be captured and displayed on film.

Color Grading

Color Grading is the method involved with working on the presence of a picture for show in various conditions on various gadgets. It utilized in both technical and inventive changes.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are bits of liveliness or computerized film which make the deception of movement or pivot, and are generally joined with sound for use in interactive media projects.

Visual Effects

VFX is the interaction through which symbolism is changed, made, or improved for surprisingly realistic media that couldn't be caught during live recording because of it being exorbitant, risky, unfeasible, or difficult to shoot.

CGI Films

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is a term that depicts digitally-created images in film and TV. CGI is a subcategory of enhanced VFX, imagery filmmakers create such scenes that doesn't exist in real climate for film or video.

Offline / Online Editing

Offline editing is really a rough cut of the venture by altering a bad quality film together, so the supervisor could get thoughts for the finished product. And Online editing is a finished product of the venture by altering a great film together.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an art where experts make visual substance to impart messages. By applying visual ordered progression and page format procedures, designers use typography and pictures to meet clients' particular requirements.


AR and VR span the computerized and actual universes. AR shows how our gadgets can assist with looking for data, shopping, and communicating your thoughts. VR allows you to encounter what it resembles to go anyplace.

AUDIO Production

Sound after creation is all phases of audio production connecting with sound delivered and synchronized with moving picture (film, TV, or video). It includes sound plan, audio effects, Foley, ADR, sound altering, sound blending and so forth

Special Effects

Special effects are illusions or visual stunts utilized in the theater, film, TV, computer game, and test system ventures to reproduce the envisioned occasions in a story or virtual world. It customarily separated into the classifications of mechanical impacts and optical impacts.

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